Comprehensive Services and Individualized Care

At Courageous Spaces we specialize in creating a safe and affirming space for caregivers and parents who are raising children and teens with neurodiversity who are underserved in wellness spaces; however we provide services to all demographics dealing with a variety of mental and emotional wellness concerns. 

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Individual Therapy Investment (Self-Pay)

Intake Assessment - $195
30 minute session - $120
45 minute session - $150
50 minute session - $160

Additional Clinical Wellness Services

Group Treatment - $75-$90 (per person, per group)
Upcoming Group - Life be Life’ing: Mommy Edition | Every Wednesday, 4-weeks, starting, May 1,2024 - May 22nd
Upcoming Group - It’s Complicated: All things Relationships | Every Wednesday, 4-weeks, starting June 5,2024 - June 26th
Brainspotting 90 minute Session - $200
Coaching Session - $75- $200 (Up to 60 minutes) *Ask for more information as coaching services are different from counseling and must be deemed an appropriate service for each client.

Individual & Group Counseling

Are you experiencing those days where it seems like you’re barely keeping your head above water? Days where you sense a disconnection between your actions and your very essence, feeling as if you’re sleepwalking through the spiraling chaos of life? If this resonates with you, remember that you’re not alone in this voyage. Life, with its numerous demands and constant pace, can often feel like a daunting, unyielding torrent. But there’s a beacon of hope in this storm – a haven to recharge, reorient, and reclaim your mental and emotional wellness: Courageous Spaces.

Through our specialized individual counseling services, we strive to offer you that critical respite. Picture yourself a few weeks from now, radiating happiness, health, calmness, and a newfound sense of control over the elements that once overwhelmed you. This isn’t just a distant dream, but an attainable reality within your reach.

We’re pleased to extend our individual counseling services to the residents of Illinois and Indiana, ensuring you access to confidential, highly personalized counseling sessions from the comfort of your own space. These sessions are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs and situations, providing a comforting, encouraging environment for you to process a wide range of feelings and experiences such as anxiety, grief, sadness, and challenging life transitions.

The expertise of our licensed clinical team is at your disposal, offering you a genuinely courageous space to navigate through life’s changing seasons. We’re not just here to listen, but to facilitate a transformative journey, shifting you from your present state to the desired destination of emotional and mental wellbeing.

In essence, our goal at Courageous Spaces is to empower you to turn the tides, to help you move from merely surviving to truly thriving. By acknowledging your struggles and seeking support, you’ve already taken the most important step. Now, let us walk this journey towards wellness together. Remember, the bravest thing you can do is to take care of yourself, and we’re here to provide the compassionate, professional support you need to reclaim your life.

Practical evidence-based solutions and ongoing support.

Flexible appointment scheduling and confidential treatment.

Community Consultation & Training

Collaborative problem-solving and goal-orientated planning.

Merging knowledge and innovation with captivating delivery.

group training

1:1 Consultation Investment

Strategy Session - starting at $325 per 1 hour session

Workshop & Training

Investment rate various depending on project details. Please complete workshop & training request form for specific pricing.


"I don't believe in spanking and I don't like to yell. My son is 15 years old and can be so rude and disrespectful! I started my own therapy to work on being the best person to care for his ADHD and ASD. Courageous Spaces was what I needed in my life! Working with Courageous Spaces I have learned to reframe my own thought process and take a step back from guilt. As a parent I am learning to affirm my greatness." 

– Client Testimonial

"My daughter is 9 years old diagnosed with ADHD and she is the only child! Some days I don't want to go home. Courageous Spaces has helped me to prioritize my self-care and to take time to recharge." 

– Client Testimonial

Have Questions

We understand the importance of having a community and being connected to people who share experiences. Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with compassion, support, practical strategies, resources, and judgment free care. Helping you parent at your best!


If you have additional questions about our services feel free to give us a call or send us a message.  

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