Community Consultation & Training

This is a specialized service designed to provide expert insight, unbiased recommendations, and facilitate professional development for schools, nonprofit and community-based organizations, religious institutions etc.
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Our Clinical Demographic Specialties:

Wellness & Self-care Workshops
Social Emotional Learning Training
Behavior Management Consultation (K-6th grade)
Trauma-Informed Training
Mental Health Awareness Workshops
Educational Institutions (K-12)
Religious Organizations
Community Partners
Corporate Wellness Workshops
Program Evaluations
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How We Can Help

Courageous Spaces community consultation is equipped to identify your needs and the needs of your program by providing recommendations through strategic planning. During your strategy session we will utilize the C.A.S.E model designed by our practice to clearly articulate and achieve your goals and objectives.


Whether you are seeking consultation to better identify the social and emotional needs of a student or seeking consultation to evaluate your programs effectiveness. To inquire about Courageous Spaces community consultation services complete the consultation request form.


Community Consultation Request Form


Our trainings and workshops are designed to provide professional development and specialty training on clinical topics which are specific to your industry. When you partner with courageous spaces for trainings and workshops you will receive evidence-based interventions and expert clinical guidance. To inquire about Courageous Spaces workshop and training services complete the request form.


Workshop and Training Request Form



Counseling Services At a Glance

To initiate community consultation and training services please complete the appropriate request form and our outreach coordinator will review your request within 72hrs and e-mail you with next steps. Workshops and trainings are tailored with presentation material and experiential activities individually designed for the contracted organization.


Duration: The duration of consultation, workshops, and trainings are dependent upon project components. Courageous spaces will assess this on an individualized basis.


Setting: These services can be offered virtual or on-site/in-person depending on the need of the program/organization.



Who is community consultation and training services designed for?

School personnel, principals, teachers, school counselors, first responders, healthcare professionals, clergy, ministers, daycare workers, community members etc.

What are the benefits of community consultation and training?

The benefits of community consultation and training includes: Enhancing employee morale and productivity thus optimizing employee performance, Strengthen workplace collaboration and communication, Provide awareness and understanding through new learning opportunities, Improve emotional wellbeing of staff members.

When is payment due for services?

After the contract has been reviewed and signed the payment will be due.

How long are the 1:1 Consultations ?

Consultation strategy sessions are up to 1 hour per session.

What is expected during the consultations?

During consultation clients will receive knowledge, actionable steps, recommendations, and insight to address the targeted concern. In addition clients will receive: * Digital comprehensive session guide * 1 month follow up video session (up to 30 minutes)

How are consultations delivered?

Consultations are offered virtually via a HIPAA-secured platform. Onsite consultations are offered at an additional rate to include travel expense.


"I don't believe in spanking and I don't like to yell. My son is 15 years old and can be so rude and disrespectful! I started my own therapy to work on being the best person to care for his ADHD and ASD. Courageous Spaces was what I needed in my life! Working with Courageous Spaces I have learned to reframe my own thought process and take a step back from guilt. As a parent I am learning to affirm my greatness." 

– Client Testimonial

"My daughter is 9 years old diagnosed with ADHD and she is the only child! Some days I don't want to go home. Courageous Spaces has helped me to prioritize my self-care and to take time to recharge." 

– Client Testimonial

Connect With Us

We understand the importance of having a community and being connected to people who share experiences. Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with compassion, support, practical strategies, resources, and judgment free care. Helping you parent at your best!

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